At Precision Stamping Inc, we offer metal stamping through our in-house engineering staff and our in-house toolmakers. We offer complete life-cycle management for stamping projects: from prototyping through end of product life. This results in consistent delivery of on-time, on-spec parts.

  • 15 to 600 tons
  • Progressive stamping, forming, coining, drawing, blanking, piercing, staking, shaving, bar feed
  • Coil fed lines to 30″ wide and 3/8″ thick
  • Robotic press tending

Serving Our Customers

Contract Shipping

Our bread and butter. From one-time production runs to multi-year contracts. Helping our customers achieve aggressive production schedules and cost targets.

Inventory Management

We manage component inventory for as many as 400 SKU’s for our customers. Helping our customers reduce inventory investment and simplify supply chain management.


Several of our customers have faced floor space shortages and have looked to us to bring their production equipment in house. Helping our customers maximize revenue and simplify production operations without impacting production schedules.

Surge Capacity

We frequently provide bridge capacity for our customer’s facing press downtime or ramping up new projects. Helping our customers maintain production schedules and reduce time to market.