Critical Components – Dynamic Metals

Dynamic Metals needed a partner. And this couldn’t be just any partner. They needed to laser cut and form heavy-duty suspension components from hard to form, high-strength structural steel for a top priority MRAP vehicle program. Tolerances and timelines were tight. The volume needed was high, and visibility higher still.


Any missed deadlines or out of tolerance components would shut down welding cells and create late delivery of weldments to the OEM, resulting in a damaged Dynamic Metals supplier rating and delaying mission critical delivery of supplies to our troops in the field.

Precision Stamping rose to the occasion, becoming Dynamic Metal’s partner in their hour of need. Precision would feed Dynamic’s weld and assembly cells with all of the formed structural steel components required to support the program, and utilizing the strengths of their family-owned and operated business, they would do it within the tight parameters the project required.

Precision quickly developed custom forming tools, processes, and checking fixtures to allow for the timely delivery of parts that conformed to the rigorous quality requirements. Precision excels at offering this type of accelerated quality response due to the shared responsibility and leadership of their team — three brothers who work closely together to manage the plant, production schedule, and sales & marketing departments to create a tight and smooth-sailing operation. There’s no waiting on the chain of command, and each brother has complete authority to make decisions about his sphere of responsibility.

In a matter of a couple weeks, a consistent flow of parts fed Dynamic’s welding cells. Production schedules were met precisely. Troops were provided with the critical equipment needed to support their mission.