Emergency Response – RC Industries

RC Industries was looking for a partner to provide laser cutting surge capacity to deal with spikes in demand or to cover demand in the event of one of their own machines being down. The selected partner would need to have a wide range of capability (steel, aluminum, stainless) and be able to react quickly.


Selecting the wrong partner would result in production delays and late customer shipments. Selecting the right partner would provide a seamless experience for RC’s customers.

RC chose to call in the emergency response team at Precision Stamping to provide laser cutting surge capacity when needed. The sales department led by Brian Checkley quickly developed a pricing structure to allow for rapid response.

When RC calls on Precision for emergency surge capacity due to demand spikes and machine outages, Brian quickly hands the requests off to his brothers to effectively juggle the production schedule and successfully accommodate RC’s emergency requirements. At times, this has meant getting started the same day and providing next day delivery.

Building on family synergy and trust means getting more things done, and done better. In fact, the ability of Precision Stamping to respond precisely for RC led to the program being expanded to include parts forming.